What stage is your social effort at?
Other companies are active in social media.
Where does it fit for your company?
Everybody says “begin with research”
Exactly what does that mean?
Not just about Yes or No
Creating a strong commitment company-wide
Building a goal oriented specific plan.
One that your CEO can summarize too.
Foresight beyond ideas to...
Ensuring all the key pieces are in place
Not just getting off the ground.
But getting up to speed as fast as possible.
Maintain efficiency and momentum.
Consistently aligning to the core plan.
Keys to Maintaining Momentum
Where to focus efforts in social
  • Keeping teams aligned
  • Constantly monitoring the social landscape
  • Pre-building content
  • Actively maintaining a level of impressions in front of key audiences
  • Constantly fine-tuning to improve results on each platform
Notice how there isnʼt much difference compared to other marketing programs.
Keeping key players engaged
Worship the success foundation
Who are your most critical players in your social efforts?
  • Content sources - ensure they feel their efforts are generating value and use
  • Marketing management - keep things aligned with them -- avoid allowing social to become a “different animal” that is misaligned
  • C-level - keep them updated and report back on metrics that they can understand and use
Efficient social operations meetings
Structure = success
One of the biggest benefits of the AftertheNet solution that clients point to: its ability to bring and maintain structure to otherwise “free-for-all” type processes.
Keep the mapping close at a hand and align around the social plan -- both those items will be valuable in running more structured meetings which have a agendas tied to meeting the goals set out in the social plan.
Goal centricity
Keeping alignment to core drivers
WThe critical part of the game is maintaining a focus on business goals -- often the most missed part of social strategy.
Social has a danger of becoming about following -- following around prospects as they change subjects on social platforms and following around competitors are they attempt different social programs.
Sticking to your well thought out plans is the best option -- with a much higher likelihood of ROI
Follow a process and stick to the plan
Consistent focus is key
Social programs can become a free-for-all if they are allowed to control the agenda for your company. When “triggering events” happen, it's useful to first consider how it affects your strategy and then react accordingly.
Your company's social success depends more on consistently delivering in social platforms than on reacting to everything that goes on in your social landscape.
Leveraging analytics
Avoid operating in the dark
Root most decisions about changes and adaptations to concrete measurement of effectiveness. Leaning this way rather than towards instinct helps align all the minds you have available to you -- in a single coordinated effort to fine tune your social programs
You defined your company's social goals.
Now it's time to measure against them.