AtN Advantage: Laser Focus on Business Impact
How We Define Different
We look at the world of marketing these days and we see very little of what’s good about marketing going on. Online we see search engines commoditizing companies into tiny little boxes that all look the same and we see email campaigns more about getting opens than delivering strong messages.
Now the social marketing realm has opened up with companies blindly following the strategy of others and a widespread (incorrect) belief that social marketing is more art than science. We are swimming against that tide: that’s how we define different.
Core Advantage
The social programs we design, support and execute are totally and completely aligned with your core business impact requirements. Whether its competitive strength or increasing audience reach or the multitude of other impact areas that we provide, our efforts totally align to your overall business goals -- making social an integrated part of your business growth strategy.
Why Have We Gone In A Different Direction
Our team brings a very wide experience set, not the least of which is time in C-Level management of companies in several industries. We know that in the end, the survival and success of any program is its measurable ROI and impact on critical business areas. We took a long look at social programs and found the unavoidable conclusion: ROI is still a must. So we made it our mission to help companies break free of search engine and email prison and also avoid the trap of unfocused, unaccountable social marketing strategies.
You'll be hardpressed to find.....
A social marketing services company which:
  • has more alignment with your core business goals along with social goals
  • offers more turn-key solutions for companies looking to leverage social
  • uses research and mapping more effectively for social strategy
  • leaves your company with more external strategic value beyond the projects we are engaged for
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