What stage is your social effort at?
Other companies are active in social media.
Where does it fit for your company?
Everybody says “begin with research”
Exactly what does that mean?
Not just about Yes or No
Creating a strong commitment company-wide
Building a goal oriented specific plan.
One that your CEO can summarize too.
What makes a good social plan?
Completing the road map
Here's a list of the most critical items:
  • clearly defining the target audiences and where they are present in the social landscape
  • capturing the messaging challenges and how key messages will be refined for social delivery
  • choosing specific platforms / properties and assigning a role to each in targeting audiences and delivering messages
  • extended time frame beyond launch to ongoing operations with clear goals
Is there a template / framework we can use?
The AftertheNet Framework
Our framework is at your service, ready to assist in the preparation of your social plan. Built to leverage the research and mapping output, our framework creates a step by step structured decision process to ensure all the key factors are:
  • considered fully
  • supported by strong data
Who is the plan built for?
One plan, many audiences
How will your social plan be used by key roles?
CEO - will use it to frame the company's strategy innovations to investors and critical partners
CFO - gains an understanding of the business impact and investment of resources and staff
Marketing - a focus generating set of guidelines that ensure daily alignment to business goals
How do we know we're done?
The arm's length test.
Social plans are susceptible to detachment from reality -- with key parts left unanswered.
This is where other senior team members including your C-level management play a critical role. If the plan makes sense to a saavy and open minded business executive, then it's ready. For that to be the case, your plan should (at the least) effectively define the target audiences, messaging and platforms that will comprise the essence of your social effort.
Can we define ROI / success?
Don't let them tell you can't
In our view, this is most critical aspect of your social planning process:
DEFINING and AGREEING on success.
We can't stress enough that the alignment value alone is key as your company executes a social plan which will constantly be pulled in different directions by internal and external influencers. Those goals allows consistent effort in a specific direction - rather than a highly reactive effort.
Using research effectively
More perspective, more focus
Push the value of the research effort by creating much more focused social strategy. Narrow your focus on audiences and messages based on the realities of the social platforms.
Develop a sequential messaging plan to get your most critical message out there repeatedly on each platform
Foresight beyond ideas to...
Ensuring all the key pieces are in place
Not just getting off the ground.
But getting up to speed as fast as possible.
Maintain efficiency and momentum.
Consistently aligning to the core plan.
You defined your company's social goals.
Now it's time to measure against them.