What stage is your social effort at?
Other companies are active in social media.
Where does it fit for your company?
Everybody says “begin with research”
Exactly what does that mean?
Not just about Yes or No
Creating a strong commitment company-wide
Building a goal oriented specific plan.
One that your CEO can summarize too.
Foresight beyond ideas to...
Ensuring all the key pieces are in place
Not just getting off the ground.
But getting up to speed as fast as possible.
Key factors in a social programs launch
The framework for social success
Focus on these key factors:
  • Have a ready content stockpile for weeks or months ahead
  • Maintain a strategy focus -- all hands focused on the audiences and messages that are the focus of the social effort
  • Consistent early effort -- first impressions are everything in social and your company wants prospects to see a valuable place to engage
How does the content build work?
A structured and comprehensive approach
Mixing three key ingredients allows the early content build to achieve high momentum:
  • Understanding of requirements of the platform/ audiences combinations
  • Broad gathering of all internal messaging / content from all departments
  • Refining the messaging completely into high audience value content.
Who should manage social operations?
It's a part of marketing ... period.
Your marketing management structure should be in charge of social from the outset. Any other approach will allow social efforts to get rapidly out of alignment with the core marketing function and then bringing it back will be a momentum killer.
Keeping it under the marketing umbrella also ensure that it remains centered around key marketing and business goals and doesn't lose its central focus.
Simultaneous launch of all properties?
Control versus momentum
Where possible, we prefer to see a blanket launch of all social programs at the same time. With the “buzz” being such an important factor, engaging on multiple platforms at once equals a more rapid start.
Temper this decision with a does of reality, can you company handle a broad launch? A partner like AftertheNet can alleviate that pressure and allow your company to be more aggressive at launch.
Integrating with other marketing programs
Better alignment delivers better ROI
If you build it, they might not come right away, unless you go and get them.
Here are few ways to better leverage your social programs:
  • Give audiences on other platforms (email, website etc.) the option to engage via social
  • Allocate messaging based on where it's best delivered rather than repeating across all platforms
  • Measure and compare success across platforms
  • Discuss all platforms jointly in marketing meetings and fine tune across the board
Getting a faster start
Creating the “buzz”
As a rule, we donʼt see gradual starts as a good way to go in social marketing. With that in mind, building the buzz early requires a more active approach to 1) building content and 2) delivering content. Leveraging a multi persona approach, AftertheNet can play a key role in creating a more rapid launch of your social programs.
Maintain efficiency and momentum.
Consistently aligning to the core plan.
You defined your company's social goals.
Now it's time to measure against them.