What stage is your social effort at?
Other companies are active in social media.
Where does it fit for your company?
Everybody says “begin with research”
Exactly what does that mean?
Not just about Yes or No
Creating a strong commitment company-wide
Building a goal oriented specific plan.
One that your CEO can summarize too.
Foresight beyond ideas to...
Ensuring all the key pieces are in place
Defining required infrastructure
Avoiding the most common social failure point
A no compromise approach demands the a company puts in place all the key infrastructure for a successful social effort. Consider the following as key:
  • Social management within marketing group
  • capturing the messaging challenges and how key messages will be refined for social delivery
  • Messaging refinery which transforms internal messaging into social ready content
  • Active social programs -- allowing active participation in external social properties
Build versus buy
Keep the focus on your strengths
Simply put, we've done it a hundred times and youʼre doing it for the first. Ask yourself whether your company's resources are better spend on the areas you already know best (such as audience centric content) or on building key infrastructure such as a messaging refinery and an active social program which AftertheNet has far more expertise in. That's our philosophy: we do the parts you can't but which are equally critical to success.
Role of additional personas
Increasing social capabilities with partners
Sometimes social marketing needs facilitation, a partner to create openings for your company's messaging. This can take the form of turning discussion in a particular direction or saying things that your company cannot say directly but need saying.
The messaging refinery
Keeping your messaging pipelines full
Companies spend a lot of time rejecting messaging ideas from internal sources, not realizing that there are “diamonds in those rocks”
AftertheNet shifts the effort from high rates of elimination to high levels of refinement. Our messaging refinery capability takes your most readily available and powerful internal messages and turns them into social ready content (often by embedding it into a more audience centric content piece).
Active social programs
Social is not passive.
If you build it, they might not come right away, unless you go and get them.
In a number of client situations, AftertheNet has successfully operated an active social media program, by participating actively in discussions and social exchanges. This is all done with the mindset of gaining earlier access to audiences and building a social following at an accelerated pace.
Where does portal marketing fit?
Serious social marketing horsepower
If your company is ready to invest in “owning” the social space in your sector, then look no further than the technique of portal marketing to help you achieve it.
Portal marketing is an intensive, high volume effort to own your key audiences by engaging them regularly with content critical to them. AftertheNet provides the engine to deliver content that keeps audiences returning and gains critical access / impressions for you.
Not just getting off the ground.
But getting up to speed as fast as possible.
Maintain efficiency and momentum.
Consistently aligning to the core plan.
You defined your company's social goals.
Now it's time to measure against them.