What stage is your social effort at?
Other companies are active in social media.
Where does it fit for your company?
Everybody says “begin with research”
Exactly what does that mean?
Not just about Yes or No
Creating a strong commitment company-wide
Beyond Yes / No
Building sustainable internal drivers for social.
As much as the decision itself, the feasibility and decision phase for a company is also a key foundation of a successful social effort. Building on a strong research foundation, a company can cement itʼs commitment to a social strategy and gain buy-in from all key players in the effort.
When companies work with us, we extent this stage to all key departments of client companies, creating critical buy-in for what is a significant undertaking for any company.
Who's involved?
The real question: whose commitment do you need later?
The go/no go decision represents a golden opportunity -- to share all the driving research and opportunity analysis that is feeding your social program decisions. Who should you share it with? C-level, department heads, sales, product teams and everyone else who has a role to play when your social programs are active. At no other time, is all the supporting data so visible and ready to be shared with key team members.
Factoring External Resources into Feasibility
Tapping into a range of providers
Looking at the competitive and social landscape, your company may realize that building all the required capabilities internally isn't feasible.
Does that mean “no go”?
With a partner like AftertheNet, your company can offload big pieces of the puzzle to our turn-key solutions and still produce a world class social marketing effort.
Really Deciding on Marketing Program?
A message delivery system actually.
In the end, that's the heart of the decision: does your company need a new message delivery system? One which provides a truly improved alternative to email and search engines.
With AftertheNet, feasibility becomes a non-issue, with our range of capabilities available to fill the gaps in your internal horsepower.
Capturing the Decision Process
Reminders of the reasons for “GO”
As your team completes the decision process, it's worthwhile to clearly capture all the critical influencing factors which helped reach the decision.
In future, when doubts about the decision creep in, having detailed records of the factors that led to the decision will ensure little time is wasted revisiting a well made decision. And it will provide fuel for the team in times when extra effort is called for to push the social effort forward.
Determining Feasibility
What questions must be answered?
  • Can the required skills be assembled?
  • Is there internal alignment and buy-in from the key players in the company
  • Will the required resources be fully committed at the time when their performance is needed.
  • What is the required financial investment and is there an ROI model that support its?
Four strong yes' = feasible
Building a goal oriented specific plan.
One that your CEO can summarize too.
Foresight beyond ideas to...
Ensuring all the key pieces are in place
Not just getting off the ground.
But getting up to speed as fast as possible.
Maintain efficiency and momentum.
Consistently aligning to the core plan.
You defined your company's social goals.
Now it's time to measure against them.