What stage is your social effort at?
Poor market understanding
Running Blind
Why research is a capability that will be missed:
Your company started your Social Media Marketing programs by imitating other competitors or similar companies. Now as we're trying to carve out our own path, we seem to keep running into a lack of market data at multiple levels.
When the inevitable fine-tuning (or macro-tuning) phase comes, AtN is there to help to construct an agile market picture both of the competitive landscape and more specifically the social landscape.
Stalled Social Program
Missing the momentum in content generation
Experience has shown that several foundational steps play a key role in building and maintaining momentum
Top among these is:
  • mapping the competition and social landscape
  • creating a coherent strategy that targets specific audiences and focused on key messaging
  • aligning across the organization
  • building key infrastructure for adapting and delivering messaging
Our turn-key solutions help companies back-track efficiently to put in place missing pieces of their social framework. In turn, our clients are able to gain the momentum they sought in their SMM programs
Lack of a SMM strategy
Limits of a follow-the-leader approach
Ultimately it's the shortcut that doesn't pay. It's easy to spot the signs:
  • a lack of focus in the day to day SMM operations
  • absences of success metrics
  • loss of momentum
  • poor integration of key departments into the social effort
Building on your company's existing SMM effort, AtN brings a tested methodology for retroactively bringing structure and strategy to your social programs. We can help to align the quality and focus of your social efforts to your company's overall commitment the platform.
Seeking external help (SMM Services Providers)
Are we right to be wary?
This space is dominated by the brand driven agencies, accompanied by ground-level execution companies. This doesn't exactly provide your company with a complete choice -- either extremely high level branding programs (big budgets and few ROI measures) or highly mechanical low level programs.
AtN fills the middle ground, where your company can find tactical help or strategic end-to-end program design solutions. Our roots in business management help us to deliver a more practical solution which delivers exception social capabilities to your company.
SMM management structure
Creating integration and efficiency
One of the most common terms used in job descriptions for social marketing managers is "ability to run independently". Rather than describing an ideal quality, it more reflects the fact that SMM programs tend be hard to integrate into the existing marketing management structure.
Is the decision to put off addressing this problem the right approach? AtN puts a lot of importance on integrating SMM at all levels into the large marketing management structure. Why? To create cross department collaboration that is key to social success.
Measuring performance
Measuring Performance to Goals
"We'll figure it out later". If that line sounds familiar when it comes to creating a performance tracking system for your social programs, then you're not alone.
More often than not, the problem is not data gathering. It's more a lack of concrete goals to measure against -- making performance measurement a tough challenge
C-Level / Budget Support
Aligning to business goals to gain budget
The leap into social programs is often made without taking the time to align the new programs to core business goals. Seemingly a time savings, this shortcut makes social programs vulnerable to erratic budgets and detachment from C-level thinking.
Our experience in strategic social programs allows us to help companies backtrack, filling in the missing pieces of their research, planning and building phase. The result: a social plan which C-level execs can understand, get behind and budget for.
Missing social infrastructure
Critical pieces of the puzzle
It may or may not be clear to your company that there are pieces missing. More typically, it takes the form of a shared belief that the effort is too difficult -- like a war fought with sticks against an enemy with guns.
That sense often reflects the lack of key infrastructure that your company is missing -- including market analysis capabilities, messaging refinement system or even a marketing portal. We can bridge the gap in your infrastructure on a turn-key basis or help your company build it internally
Social effort isolated
Is this the way it has to be?
A common mistake is to think of this as an operational problem but it's really a strategic one. Thinking back to when your social programs were conceived, consider how strongly the goals were defined in terms of business impact.
In the absence of clear business goals behind SMM (typical in the case of follow-the-leader programs), companies struggle to tie social programs to other marketing programs. The unnecessary result: social operating as an isolated effort -- not aligned or contributing to the broader messaging delivery efforts of the company.
Everybody says "begin with research".
Exactly what does that mean?